We're a small family farm committed to raising high quality pork from pigs that get to live like pigs should live. Our pigs are a mix of the heritage breeds Gloucestershire Old Spot and American Spot. These breeds thrive outdoors and know how to utilize the forage crops in their pasture. No GMOs, drugs, or hormones are used on our pigs, and your custom processing can be nitrate and MSG free if you choose. 

Pastured Pork Share 

How it works: In the spring, we will buy a number of heritage breed feeder pigs from a farm in Portland, Michigan called Grandpa's Best Pork. Feeder pigs are piglets that have been weaned. In addition to standard hog feed, we will feed them unsold produce from the farm and pasture them on the farm's fallow fields. They should grow to about 250 pounds. 
In October we will transport the pigs to Ebels General Store in Falmouth, Michigan, for slaughter and processing. Purchasers (that's you!) will then call Ebels to specify the custom cuts and processing they desire. When the processing is finished, we will schedule a pick-up day and bring the frozen meat from Ebels to Clean Plate Farm for you. You will need to come to the farm or our Traverse City drop off location to get your meat on that day.   

What and how much meat to expect from your processed side: 
According to Ebels, a 250 pound hog will provide an average weight of 85 pounds of pork per side. When processed, this could mean: 1 ham; 1 slab of bacon about 8 to 12 pounds; from the pork loin – 20 to 30 chops depending on thickness or with bone out, tenderloin and boneless chops; 1 shoulder roast or steaks; picnic shoulder usually smoked; 20 to 30 pounds of sausage, link or bulk, maple or Italian seasoning. Extra processing costs could come from additional smoking, requesting “natural processing,” and specialized cuts.  

Ballpark estimate for what you'll end up paying all together is about $400 for the side. Actual cost is dependent on the size of your half and the processing you get. Price is $3.20 per pound hanging weight plus processing costs (about $0.70 per pound for basic processing). Hanging weights range from 87 to 112 pounds per side. $100 deposit is due at sign up and the rest is due at pick up time. 

More about Ebels 
Ebels General Store is a United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) inspected butchering and processing facility. This means an inspector is in the plant monitoring conditions daily when the plant is in operation. For more information see

How to sign up
To sign up for a share, click here for our sign up form. You can print it out and mail it in with your check or email it to us if you like. If you would like us to mail you a sign up form just let us know. 
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